A customizable greeting screen comprised of Speks. Speks are desktop widgets that greet you on myDashboard. Select, sort and customize speks to make it yours.

  • Select Member

    Healthspek allows you to add additional members to your account. This panel allows you to select the records of your family or loved ones.

  • myProfile

    A section for reference information – your personal profile.  Add your personal information, doctors, insurance and an emergency contact.




    Instruct your care provider to go to www.chartnow.com. By verbally communicating an 8-character access code your provider can have complete and instant access to your chart.




    With Healthspek you can store your entire medications list both current and past. Manage your medications with Healthspek’s med reminders and automated refill alerts.  You can also refill your meds directly from Healthspek with just a few taps.

What’s New

A whole bunch of new stuff , Version 1.2

Best:  You can now request your Doctor to send your chart electronically to your Healthspek record.  Wow!  So now you can have all the information you input yourself as well as from your doctors.

More Wow!  You now have a unique Healthspek email address and unique Healthspek upload webpage.  Both of these addresses can be given to doctors, lab companies, etc. to send (or upload) documents directly to your Healthspek record.

New Section! These messages and documents end up listed in a new section in Healthspek called myInbox.  Within myInbox, you can attach, display, and send your documents.

Everywhere Access

ChartNow - Available to any doctor you choose anywhere, anytime. Chartnow is a free service for Healthspek users.

ChartNow, Healthspek PHR - Personal Health record

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Speks are your widgets that greet you on myDashboard. Select, sort and customize to make myDashboard yours.

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Speks on myDashboard, Healthspek PHR - Personal Health record

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LOL. TTYL. PHR? (LOL) Laugh out loud. (TTYL) Talk to you later. What? You don’t know what PHR stands for? Well, I didn’t either. But I can now tell you that I will not find it on my teenager’s phone when I secretly read his texts. (Did I just admit that out loud?) PHR stands(...)


Accolades Continue for Nashville-Based Personal Health Management App NASHVILLE, Tenn. – On the heels of a 2013 filled with honors, developers of the Nashville-based personal health management app Healthspek have earned another significant recognition: an invitation to pitch the product to thousands of consumers and prospective investors at AARP’s national expo in May. “This year we(...)

Medical Spring Cleaning

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Bling Beep “Medication Reminder”

Bling Beep “Medication Reminder”   Bling. Beeb. Boing. Whatever sound you set your ipad to, when you hear that beep, check the screen for your medication reminder. It will be popped up to read. You don’t even need to do anything; just read your screen and take whichever medicine Healthspek just reminded you to take.(...)

In The News

In the News 1

TabTimes-the Tablet Authority named Healthspek to its list of “5 best iPad apps for medical and health care.”

in the news 2

Reviewed by Health Informatics Nurse

“Healthspek was the best of the 6. Modern graphic user interface, organized records, customizable dashboard, and easy navigation made it stand out.  If a patient showed it to me as a nurse, I would be grateful to have their medical information presented so clearly.”